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"A philosopher is one who goes on talking about colour and light to a blind man, and goes on confusing him and confounding him. The blind man, is incapable of understanding anything about light.
Buddha says, 'I am not going to philosophize about light. I will simply give you a medicine, I will try to cure your eyes. Then you can see for Yourself.' 
This is the good doctrine, this is called Dhamma."

(Uit: The Diamond Sutra, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh.)


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'Pāli: The North Indian dialect used in the most important collection of Buddhist scriptures.' Het woord nirvana is Sanskriet voor het woord nibbana in Pali.

To his name!

'The two chief disciples of the Buddha, Sariputta and Moggallāna are both referred to as Mahānāga or "Great nāga". Some of the most important figures in Buddhist history symbolize nāgas in their names such as Dignāga, Nāgāsēna, and, although other etymons are assigned to his name, Nāgārjuna.' Bron:āga